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"With rebellion, awareness is born."

Albert Camus

I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I have slept this soundly! You are an absolute legend at what you do!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, you are one talented woman.

- Nicole

Um... Ivy has been asleep for almost 2 hours! You are amazing. Let’s see how tonight goes and you can move in!

- Blair

 Feeling good under the hood! Don't know what juju you conjured but my arm is the best it's been in weeks. 

- Leonie

OMG!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This morning I had well and truely reached the limit. I was snappy, angry and uncontrollably crying. Tonight after our sesh I am calm and relaxed, I feel so refreshed!!!!

- Maxine

Thank you so much for today beautiful lady!! I tell you what, I left your healing space and got home and on a mission. I ticked off so many 'tasks' I've been procrastinating over and feel so much better! I am putting some key steps in front of me and feel so much clearer in my mind! 

- Lynne

Since the Hamsa Amulet and that gorgeous candle arrived, the deadwood staff have left, new branding etc is up, I've had an awesome applicant accept a job, the whole energy in the shop has changed to be positive. I honestly reckon the good JuJu started working when I put the Amulet on, so thank you, you legend!

- Amy


Just to say thanks so much for working your magic yesterday. I had a super sleep and woke up feeling refreshed!! It was such a relaxing experience and I SO needed it!! Also, process and treatment was enjoyable and totally seamless! Fab work Rebel!!! This feeling of calm is lovely x

- Jules

Your Amulet is amazing! I've never felt better and I wear it now for protection - never felt calmer and more grateful than I do right now in my life! Plus! I'm in the final stage of negotiations on salary with a new major PR agency, they want to hire me! A dream come true!

- Steph

Since recieving your Reiki, I've noticed that in situations in the past that I would feel high anxiety, I am now able to access easily a grounded calm. I've noticed lower heart rate, mind focused, presence of love and humour. Also things occur naturally and feel in the flow. I've noticed less stress about perfection and a new prescence and being in the moment. I'm still ME. but there's a naturalness, less trying to force and race, increased ability to surrender, pleased and enthusiastic. It's one of those situations for me to have to experience it to fully believe it, and the timing was right. You've got a strong gift and calling. It's inspiring.

- Alanya

One on One Reiki Session

One on One Reiki means it's you, me and the Reiki energy healing basics. Focusing on you intuitively we address your physical, mental and spiritual blockages and dive into clearing anything that doesn't serve you any more. Get rid of that shit.

Long Distance Reiki Session

Long Distance Reiki, because I don't blame anyone for wanting to "stay the fuck at home". So I have tailored my service where I can send you distance Reiki at a time that suits you, your trackies and your couch. Hell, feel free to watch Netflix while I send it, I'm not offended at all.

Chakra Frequency Healing

Chakra Frequency Healing is our 1:1 Reiki but with the added benefits of a chakra reading to find imbalances, crystals and an incredible sound healing via the frequencies of instruments to reset you back into balance. In this session I also offer an intuitive messages throughout the Reiki treatment when they come through for you and a card pull.

Reiki Treatment
Marble Surface

Ask us anything, we promise we won't bite.

Dudley, NSW, Australia

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