Are you a spiritual gangster? We would like to hope so! Amethyst is known as one of the master Crystals when it comes to spirituality.

It is a powerful protection stone creating a bubble around the carrier, warding off psychic attacks and negative energy.

Physically, it's been known in the crystal world to strengthen the the immune system. Amethyst aids in the relief of physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress.

it’s a wonderful combination of healing and calming.

It is also seen as the sobering stone, very good for any and all forms of addiction, from alcoholism to anorexia, it is also said to be a wonderful anti-dote for a hangover or headache, hello did you have a big night last night? Hug your Rebel amethyst tight!

It is the perfect stone for meditation. It is also the perfect calming antidote for rage and anger. It creates a protective energy field around its carrier, assisting in transmuting negative energies within the wearer and protecting them from external negative energies. It also brings peace, insight and calmness, and helps insomnia sufferers sleep more easily.


This Rebel is for you if you wish to:

- Enhance psychic powers

- Activate spiritual awareness

- Dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety.

- Balance mood swings

- Soothe irritability,

- Relief from stress and strain.


190mm x 110mm



Amethyst Standing Geode / Cluster

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