Gaia keeps all things on our planet in balance so that we can thrive on her. Gaia is known as the Earth Goddess, she is the personification of Earth and represents the soul of our planet. She is the bringer of all of Earth's bounty, she is our mother and provides us with life and nourishment. The reiki intention is that the wearer of the Gaia Rebel Amulet will be reminded that in all challenges we encounter, if we retain a sense of calm and balance of our emotions, we can overcome all obstacles and thrive.


After being cleansed in a smoking ritual each individual amulet is then infused and charged with reiki energy so that the wearer can benefit from receiving reiki whilst wearing their Gaia Rebel Amulet.


Solid base of 925 sterling silver with lit detail and aqua blue enamel stone.


'Gaia' Silver Earrings - Rebel Amulets

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    (NOUN) : An ornament or small piece of jewellery thought to give protection against evil, danger or disease.

    Amulets are said to derive their extraordinary properties and powers from magic or those that impart luck are typically part of folk religion or paganism.

    The Grounded Rebel reiki practioner intends & channels reiki upon the amulets and stones to protect, cleanse & purify the wearers chakras. 

    Give yourself or a loved one the extra gift of healing with a beautiful piece of jewellery.

    The recipient should create their own ritual to thank the universe and Reiki for the healing that their body, mind & soul is about to recieve when they adorn their Rebel Amulet.