Made a regular in the Signature range because you Rebels requested!


Energy, creativity, vitality & power.




CITRINE abundance . good fortune . success CARNELIAN passion . charm . confidence CLEAR QUARTZ 'stone of power' . amplify energy & effects of other crystals.


This world asks of us as individuals about... hmmm a fuckload too much to get done in each and everyday. Right, lets talk reality... Juggling; I am honest about the fact that, hell yes, I drop balls - left, right, and fucking centre. This concoction of rebel crystals will help you have the energy, creativity, vitality & power to help you juggle those balls life throws at you.


Reiki energy & rocks for energy, creativity, vitality & power. Smells like lime basil & mandarin.

Get Shit Done - Signature Rebel

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  • GET LIT: 33 hours burn time

    NOTHING BUT THE PURE SHIT: 100% vegan natural soy wax, lead free cotton wick, premium fragrance oil + zero paraffin.

    Why Natural Soy Wax?
    Soy wax is a cleaner, eco-friendly alternative to regular paraffin candle wax. Made from soybeans, a renewable resource, soy wax candles burn longer, cooler and emit much less smoke. This candle is safe around pregnancies, babies and pets. No chemical additives, No toxic petroleum burn off.

    - 180g