This Rebellious flameless scented diffuser imbues uninterrupted ambience in your space. Along with scent your space will be imbued with crystal and Reiki energy.



acceptance of oneself . positive outlook . optimism . joy . love .

Chrysoprase helps to heal your inner child, releasing emotions locked within from your childhood. It helps you overcome compulsive thoughts, flipping your attention into positivity mode. If you feel you have a checklist of emotional hurdles like depression, anxiety, and stress, the chrysoprase crystal properties are similar to a prescription for encouraging a more positive outlook on life. Keep this gemstone in your rebel corner and remember to always look on the bright side. A happy state of mind is the first step towards healing, so your chrysoprase stone can help you get out of your head and into your rebel heart! Chrysoprase symbolizes joy and optimism. Centre your heart chakra and feel it emanating its loving energy into the universe. Chrysoprase helps attract the abundance of love, which makes it a winning rebel when it comes to matters of the heart. If you're struggling with heartbreak or loneliness, this beautiful stone, sometimes called the “stone of Venus”, has a reputation for bringing happiness, joy, and optimism wherever it goes. It is said to promote empathy, forgiveness, growth, self-love, and a general lust for your rebel life.

Imbue - Chrysoprase

  • Please note care should be taken not to spill the diffuser base on any surface. If spillage occurs wipe away immediately. The diffuser base may permanently stain or damage surfaces if prolonged contact is made. Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces and store safely away from children and pets. Keep away from flames and hot surfaces. No smoking.

    Made using only premium diffuser oil, fragrance, with only the best quality reeds which imbue your space with deluxe fragrance, Reiki and crystal energy. Made in Dudley, NSW, Australia.