This Rebellious flameless scented diffuser imbues uninterrupted ambience in your space. Along with scent your space will be imbued with crystal and Reiki energy.



inner-strength . personal willpower . self-confidence . hope . create harmony

The Shapeshifter, the earthly rich and curious gemstone of Tiger Eye invites the wearer to embrace their inner-strength, personal willpower, and to call on the powers of protection. The meaning of Tiger Eye is self-confidence and inner strength. Traditionally the Tiger Eye Gemstone was carried as a protective amulet against the forces of evil. It was said to ward off curses and to keep the wearer safe from ill-wishes. Connected to both the root and the sacral chakra. harness inner strength, to stand a little taller, and to stop sabotaging your rebel self because all the light and love that is needed is already stashed inside your rebel centre. Instead of hiding away, Tiger Eye is all about bringing beautiful self-confidence to the surface. Tiger eye helps those who tend to go to extremes, just like the rebel within you and find equilibrium in their emotional lives. It can help create harmony between people with different viewpoints, religious beliefs or approaches to life. It is an excellent aid in bringing harmony to families and relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing discord.

Imbue - Tiger Eye

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  • Please note care should be taken not to spill the diffuser base on any surface. If spillage occurs wipe away immediately. The diffuser base may permanently stain or damage surfaces if prolonged contact is made. Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces and store safely away from children and pets. Keep away from flames and hot surfaces. No smoking.

    Made using only premium diffuser oil, fragrance, with only the best quality reeds which imbue your space with deluxe fragrance, Reiki and crystal energy. Made in Dudley, NSW, Australia.