It’s widely thought that when crystal is put under pressure, it produces an electrical charge. In orgonite, it is under that pressure all the time, because it is encased in resin, that is one of the many reasons why it could help reduce electromagnetic pollution, reduce stress, anxiety and help you sleep better.

⚡️Electromagnetic pollution is caused by the devices and appliances that we have all around us ~ think your mobile phones, laptops, WiFi, power lines and electrical appliances. EMF pollution is increasing and could negatively affect our health.

The Orgonite stone is a combination of metal shaving, resin, and gemstones like Quartz crystal.

Orgone Crystal Can Eliminate the Harmful EMF’s Effects Produced from Electric Devices. The Orgone Crystals can Absorb the Negative Waves Around it. Bring You Peace and Energy. Purification. Peace.

Organite Dome ~ Clear quartz

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