Love & Relationships.




CARNELIAN passion . charm. confidence ROSE QUARTZ unconditional love . forgiveness . compassion 


Tinder, Grinder, Minder? Winder? I wouldnt know I've been with the same bloke for 20 something years, but what I do know is I have put together this little crystal concoction to get you singles radiating the vibes of love, or those in relationships it'll have you vibin to make that lovin with your partner step up a level...or three so watch out. My reiki intention for the recipient of this Rebel candle is a connection with a lover like never felt before, feeling adored and freely adoring someone.


Reiki energy & rocks for love & relationships. 

Smells like salted caramel.

You need more than a booty call - Signature Rebel

  • GET LIT: 33 hours burn time

    NOTHING BUT THE PURE SHIT: 100% vegan natural soy wax, lead free cotton wick, premium fragrance oils + zero paraffin.

    Why Natural Soy Wax?
    Soy wax is a cleaner, eco-friendly alternative to regular paraffin candle wax. Made from soybeans, a renewable resource, soy wax candles burn longer, cooler and emit much less smoke. This candle is safe around pregnancies, babies and pets. No chemical additives, No toxic petroleum burn off.

    - 180 g