The Eclipse IS the ritual!


Rose Quartz


Botswana Agate

This sweet candle taps you back into your own breath, reminding you to B R E A T H E. Don't contract, let go darling. Let go of the control & surrender into the sweet nature of who you are. This candle balances you, helps you to come back to yourself as you walk the middle path, the path of balance. She taps you into your personal power as her energy infuses you with action over reaction, transcends anger & guilt & encourages you to choose love, peace & forgiveness.

She's pure Bliss!

If you need empowerment & self-discipline- BURN ME.

If you need to forgive & heal- BURN ME.

If you need gentleness- BURN ME.

Smells like daisies.

These candles are designed to burn during the entire Eclipse period to support you during the Eclipse season. Manifesting, rituals, crystal cleansing & wot not is NOT RECOMMENDED during Eclipse season as the Moon is in contact with the nodes of Fate, the nodes of Karma. So the Eclipse itself IS the ritual.

These candles are specifically crafted by 2 Taureans to help ground & anchor you in the portal of the eclipses. From the first eclipse to the second eclipse is what's known as the "Eclipse sandwich" & that's when these candles will work their best! No need to set intentions, just light them daily in between the Eclipses for them to work their Magic.


May 1st- Solar Eclipse in Taurus

May 16th- Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

October 25th- Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

November 8th- Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Solar eclipses are New Moons & Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons.

Sweet Surrender ~ Limited Edition Eclipse Rebel Collaboration with Tiarnie