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The Grounded Space.

Get rid of the vibes that don't
serve you and invoke those
that do.

Cleansing Reiki Ritual Performed in your home, studio or workplace.

Do you want to let old, negative or unwanted energy go from your space?​The Grounded Rebel calls upon the ancestors, the universe, higher self and the universal energy of Reiki to let unwanted energy that no longer serves you be released with our cleansing rituals.​Choose the one that best suits your current needs below.

Woman on Van by Beach

Remove negativity.

Designed to raise the vibration of your space and command low vibrational energy to get the fuck outta there.

Working From Home

Invite productivity.

Designed to call in the energies of creativity, inspiration and productivity, so you, or your team, can get shit done.


Create a calming safe space.

Designed for spaces of healing where your clients can feel it is calm and safe for them to be their authentic selves and be open to the healing you offer.


Moving into your new home.

Designed to acknowledge and send gratitude to the original custodians and create a new home for yourself.

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