One thing we know about this wild, crazy world, is that everyone who's anyone wants to have a choice. So we've tailored our treatments to serve you best. Click on each offering for more details.

One on One Reiki means its you, me and the energy healing basics, focusing on you intuitively we address your physical, mental and spiritual blockages and dive into clearing anything that doesn't serve you no more. Get rid of that shit.

Energy and Chakra Cleanse will give you all the same benefits of the 1:1 Reiki but with the added benefits from the crystals used to energise or calm the fuck down your chakras. 

Long Distance Reiki, because COVID is a little bitch, there I said it. And I don't blame anyone for wanting to "stay the fuck at home". So I have tailored a service where I can send you distance Reiki at a time that suits you, your trackies and your couch, hell watch Netflix while I send it, I'm not offended at all.

Junior Reiki, kids love Reiki too! Reiki practice gently encourages the child’s system to find its unique balance from within. As the child’s system becomes more balanced, his or her self-healing mechanisms engage and function optimally. In that way, by supporting balance from within, Reiki practice supports the child’s overall well-being.

The Grounded Space is my personal favourite, I've been smoke cleansing my space for many years and anyone who comes into my spaces feels the calmness and comments on that shit. I've tailored a few options and there is more info about this on The Grounded Space page.